Get the Source
repo init -u git:// -b t-13.1
repo sync -f
source build/
lunch Choose the appropriate device
make -j{#} bacon Where {#} is the number of jobs. A good starting place is number of cores (real or virtual), just be sure not to run more jobs than you have GB of ram or bad things will happen (especailly with no swap)

For greater detail see the Evervolv README or Official Google Documentation

Evervolv is a colaborative effort. To submit patches sign up on Gerrit. Please note we do not accept pull requests on Github

Submit a change to the vendor/ev project adding your device to the script ( remember to keep your devices name in order). Include the device and dependent projects that need to be forked. If any changes to other projects are necessary for your device bringup, make sure to submit these changes at the same time. If you still need help, contact either preludedrew or drewis on irc.

Join us in #evervolv on