Version Breakdown

Evervolv AOSP
v11.0.x11.0.x (Android 11)
v10.0.x10.0.x (Android 10)
v9.0.x9.0.x (Pie)
v8.1.x8.1.x (Oreo)
v8.0.x8.0.x (Oreo)
v7.1.x7.1.x (Nougat)
v7.0.x7.0.x (Nougat)
v6.0.x6.0.x (Marshmallow)
v5.1.x5.1.x (Lollipop)
v5.0.x5.0.x (Lollipop)
v4.0.x4.4.x (KitKat)
v3.3.x4.3.x (Jellybean)
v3.2.x4.2.x (Jellybean)
v3. (Jellybean)
v3. (Jellybean)
v2. (Ice Cream Sandwich)
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Whats working?
Follow your device's maintainer for updates.
Bugs or Issues?
Submit a report on our bug tracker (Note: Nightlies are not eligible for bug reports, use irc to report issues for nightlies)